Committed to creating the most secure and reliable community governance DAO

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Global Community + Secure Economic Model + Smart Social Network

Project Introduction

Initiator: Established by a number of crypto elite members from all over the world, including members of early crypto venture capital funds, Silicon Valley Geek Organization, Nation3 DAO members, and the Asia-Pacific crypto community.
Values: STE DAO upholds the values of tolerance, peace, transparency and freedom of speech, returns to the essence of crypto, and allows true evangelists and holders to get greater rewards.
Concept: Committed to building a Web3.0 smart community integrating DEX, Treasury, Social Media, and DAO creation economy.


Become an LP

STE DAO has a natural underlying logic for profitable donations, and the treasury revenue will continue to be released linearly to LPs.

NFT card holder

The first decentralized credit network, the first step in Web3.0 social networking and making money.

Release plan

Total supply


Dig 80%

Add liquidity 10%

Drop 10%

development plan


Phase 1: Go Live (May 2022)

1. 1000-5000 holding addresses
2. Official website online
3. 2000 global community members
4. Social fund
5. Marketing activities


Phase 2: Growth (June 2022)

1. 5000 global community members
2. STE DAO goes online
3. 10000-20000 holding addresses
4. Preliminary launch of decentralized exchanges


Phase 3: Expansion (September 2022)

1. 10,000 global community members
2. 30,000 holding addresses
3. Online centralized exchange
4. STE DAO One-stop DAO market


Phase 4: Application (December 2022)

1. 50,000 global community members
2. 300,000 holding addresses
3. STE DAO global partners
4. Influencer Marketing Partnerships

STE DAO Community

STE DAO Technical Community

In order to promote the rapid development of the STE DAO ecosystem and provide more supporting facilities for the STE DAO application cluster, we will reach strategic cooperation with the following technical communities to jointly promote the development of STE DAO and gradually increase the number of technical community cooperation institutions.

Axie Infinity
CrypSTE DAOunks
Bored Ape Yacht Club
Art Blocks

Sales team




STE DAO intelligent network community node certificate, not for public sale. NFT card owners can enjoy all the network building rewards under their smart grid. If you decide to sell your NFT card after activation, all the rights and interests of your account will be transferred to the new holder. The player can inherit his grid bonus.

1. Decentralized entrance: User creation and login can be completed by creating a wallet address through a decentralized wallet, without the need for mobile phone email verification, KYC and other complicated procedures, effectively protecting user privacy.
2. Smart social nodes: Smart social nodes use the invitation code to invite friends, and the invitation relationship is permanent.
3. Intelligent network: It is composed of intelligent social nodes and its intelligent grid. The daily governance, incubation and community development of STE DAO are completed by the collaboration of the members of the decentralized intelligent network.

1. Transaction fee: 1.5% for buying and selling. 80% for LP dividends, 20% for repurchase and destruction.
Dao treasury donation: 40% of the profit part of each transaction is donated to the treasury, no profit will not be donated.
2. Ordinary node: One Gongfeng NFT card, empty node investment grid, node promotion mining rewards, and recommended node income.
3. 99 Genesis Nodes: One limited Queen Bee NFT card, Vault Permanent Dividend, Direct Genesis Node Dividend, Directly Push Ordinary Node Dividend, Direct Member Position Dividend, Ordinary Node Daily Profit Dividend.